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Equality monitoring

The services we provide have a big effect on the quality of life of people in Sheffield. Our services provide care, housing support and key life opportunities; they help to keep people safe and secure and build stronger communities and develop personal independence.

What we do affects you today and also future generations. It is because of the significance and impact of what we do that we need to know who is benefiting from our services and which groups we are missing out.

For many services we can see, from a customer's home address, who uses the services across the city. However, we know a lot less about whether certain age groups, disabled people, or people from a specific ethnic community are accessing services that would help them.

Equality monitoring helps us comply with legislation but also tells us who contacts us. Recording personal circumstances allows us to analyse how well we are meeting our commitments to different groups of customers. Research such as the Census provides a profile of the population of Sheffield that enables us to compare who actually requests and receives services against the data we collect. It helps us to:

  • Understand why our services do not meet their needs
  • Improve delivery of services making it easier for all groups of customers to access services

For example, we have used the information you give us to:

  • Write easier to understand information for people with learning disability or literacy problems
  • Adapt buildings so they are accessible for people with impaired mobility
  • Increase the number of services that can be accessed 24 hours a day online for those who find it difficult to contact us during office hours or visit one our offices

Download our Equality Monitoring form, guidance for staff and other useful documents below.


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