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Sign or submit a petition

We welcome online and paper petitions and recognise that they are one way in which people can let us know their concerns.

Petitions can be organised or signed by anyone who lives, works or studies in Sheffield.


View or submit an ePetition

View or submit a petition.

We are required by law to ensure that petitions that are published do not contain any defamatory or offensive material. Therefore we will need to review your e-Petition before it is published on our website.

Petitions will be reviewed and published during normal office hours. We expect to be able to publish your petition the same day provided that it is submitted by 12noon.

A petition must be submitted in good faith and must not include:

  • potentially libellous, false or defamatory statements.

  • information protected by a court order (e.g. the identities of children in custody disputes); or in accordance with any other enactment.

  • matters which are subject to appeal processes or legal actions (e.g. planning appeals, enforcement action or other legal actions in court).

  • material which is commercially sensitive, confidential or which may cause personal distress or loss.

  • the names of individual officials of public bodies; or information where they may be easily identified, in relation to criminal accusations.


 Overview of the Petitions Scheme

The Petitions Scheme sets out how you can submit both online and paper petitions and how we will deal with petitions we receive.

Start a petition

Petitions can be organised or signed by anyone who lives, works or studies in Sheffield. They must include:

  • A minimum of 5 signatures

  • A clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition. It should state what action the petitioners would like the Council to take

  • Contact details, including an address for the petition organiser. This is the person we will contact to explain how we will respond to the petition (only the organiser’s name will appear on the website).  We will contact the petition organiser if there are any media enquiries about the petition

  • The name, address and signature of any person supporting the petition (only the person's name will appear on the website)

We also advise that your paper petition includes the additional wording relating to data protection.

Submit a petition

You can either send your paper petition to us, submit it to one of our meetings or have it presented on your behalf.

If you would like to present your petition to a meeting or would like it to be presented on your behalf, please give advance notice to John Turner using our contact details below and you will be advised on the process.

For Full Council we would welcome advance notice of your petition by 10am on the day of the meeting.  If your petition contains 5,000 more signatures, we require 7 working days' notice prior to a Council meeting.

What we won't accept

Petitions which are considered to be vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate will not be accepted.

Although petitions relating to planning or licensing applications are outside of this scheme, the approach adopted in Sheffield is to permit the receipt of these by us or their presentation at a meeting of Full Council, Cabinet, Cabinet Highways Committee or a Scrutiny Committee which will then trigger a referral to the relevant Planning and Highways or Licensing Committee.

Acknowledgement of receipt

All paper petitions will receive an acknowledgement within 14 days of receipt and this will set out what we plan to do with the petition.

How we will respond to a petition

Our response to a petition will depend on what a petition asks for and how many people have signed it.

Petitions with 2,500 or more signatures can require a senior officer to give evidence at a Scrutiny Committee.

Petitions with 5,000 or more signatures will trigger a public debate by Full Council. We require 7 working days’ notice prior to a Council meeting for a public debate at Full Council to ensure that members have adequate time to prepare for the debate. 

We will endeavour to consider the petition at the next Council Meeting but due to other Council business there may be occasions where the petition is debated at the subsequent meeting.

Ask us to review our decision

If you feel that we have not dealt with your petition properly, the petition organiser has the right to request that the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee review the steps that we have taken in response to your petition.

This will be explained in our letter to the petition organiser.

Data Protection

Use of individuals’ personal data, including their addresses/email addresses, will be protected under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be held by us only for the purpose of corresponding in relation to the petition submitted.

Your information may be shared with the petition organiser, our officers, members of the Council or service providers.

We advise that for paper petitions, you include the following wording on each page of your petition that will contain signatures: 

“Sheffield City Council (the Council) will become the data controller when the petition is deposited with the Council. The details you provide on this form will only be used for the purpose of this petition. Your information may be shared with the petition organiser, Council officers, members of the Council or service providers.”


Contact us about petitions

If you require any further information please contact Democratic Services:

Telephone 0114 2734122


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Democratic Services
Sheffield City Council
Town Hall
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