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Payments to suppliers

We publish details of our external spending to individual payments to suppliers and organisations with a value over £250. 

The data is provided for free reuse, including commercial reuse. The right for further use is covered by the Open Government Licence and as recommended by HM Government Data.

Please note that we categorise our spend using the Proclass system. This means that each supplier has a defined category which they are assigned but this does not necessarily mean this is what we are buying.

Details of £250 spend July 2015 to present.

Details of £250 spend January 2011 to June 2015.

Also details of our current contracts and tenders.


About the information

The external spend information is taken from our accounting system and includes the following information:

  • The supplier
  • Transaction date
  • Amount paid
  • Payment reference number
  • Industry classification (e.g. Proclass classification) and expenditure type description
  • Originating business unit (e.g. our service authorising payment)


What we don't provide

We have been very careful to not expose personal information e.g. individual payments for adoption, fostering and childcare, payments to individuals for care packages, next of kin payments, care related payments, refunds and compensation payments.

This type of data is not normally public and has been removed from the data in compliance with Data Protection law.

Our Freedom of Information guidance to learn about how we handle requests for Information and personal data.


Contact us

If you have any further questions about our external spend data, or would like any further information, please:


Telephone 0114 2736144


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