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Vote in person

The location of your polling station will be printed on the poll card that will be posted to you before election day.


Polling hours

Polling hours are between 7am and 10pm.

Check the opening times printed on your polling card.


Polling cards

The poll card is for your information only, it tells you about the vote including which polling station you are registered to vote at.

You do not need to take it to the polling station in order to vote.


Polling stations

Staff at the polling station will be on hand to assist you. You can also take someone with you to help you with the voting process.

Polling stations have a large print sample of the ballot paper. To assist electors with partial sight we have a tactile device with braille and raised numbers that can be fixed on request to a ballot paper .

Map of polling stations.

Download the list of polling stations:


Checks at the polling station

The law requires every ballot paper to have a unique serial number and that a record is kept of the serial number of the ballot paper that is issued to every elector. Staff at the polling station will note this before you vote.


Mistakes on your ballot paper

If you made a mistake on your ballot paper before you put it in the ballot box, polling station staff can issue you with another one. If you have already put your ballot paper into the ballot box you cannot be given another one.


Contact us

Please contact us in advance of the election if you have any specific requirements.

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