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Postal voting

A postal vote enables you to receive and return your ballot paper via the post rather than going to the polling station.

A postal vote is available on demand. You can choose how long you want a postal vote for.

Download and complete the postal vote application form below:


Sending postal votes to you

Postal votes are usually issued 1 to 2 weeks before an election.

We cannot alter this to meet individual requirements. If you feel that this will be too late for you, you vote by proxy vote or we can send your postal vote to your holiday address.

if you received 2 postal votes check that they are:

  • not for different elections in your area, for example, a local election and a parish election.
  • both addressed to yourself
  • for this year?

Please contact us if you need clarification.


Cancel your application

You can cancel your application for a postal vote at any time but if it is too late to cancel it for a forthcoming election, you can use the postal vote ballot and hand it in to any polling station in your ward.

If you have received a postal ballot and did not request one or cannot remember requesting one, you can hand it in to any polling station in your ward. You will need to use the postal vote ballot for that election but you can contact us to request to vote at a polling station in future.

Replacement postal vote ballots

We can issue replacement postal vote ballots in the event of the original being damaged or a mistake being made on the ballot paper.

You must return the pieces of the ballot paper to us before a replacement can be issued.

Lost postal vote ballot

Unfortunately if you have lost your postal vote ballot in its entirety we are unable to issue a replacement.

Postal votes sent abroad

Postal votes can be sent abroad but it is at your own risk. We are unable to send postal votes out until 2 weeks before the election.

If you are confident that you have enough time to receive the ballot paper and send it back to us before the deadline we will be happy to send it anywhere in the world.

Not received your postal ballot

If you haven't received your postal vote ballot by the Friday before polling day, please contact us and we will post you a replacement.

Alternatively, you can arrange to collect it from the Reception Desk at the Town Hall up to 5pm on polling day. Please note that identification will be required.

  • Modified: May 17, 2016 7:19:46 PM