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Register to vote

Register to vote or update your details.

Everyone is responsible for registering themselves (Individual Electoral Registration (IER)).

You need a few details including your National Insurance (NI) number, these make it more secure.  Your NI number is on your national insurance card, payslip, or letters about benefits or tax credits (find a lost National Insurance number).


People not yet registered

If you don't register under the new system your name will be removed on 1st December

It only takes a few minutes to register – if you don’t respond you could be fined £80.


Confirm who lives at your address

Every household was sent a letter asking to confirm who lives at each address.

We need to know this, so we can send registration forms to each person at each address. 


Tell us if you change your name, address or other details

Make sure you are registered and that your details are correct.

If they have changed, you need to update your electoral registration.


Register to vote or update your details.


Opt out or in of the 'open register'

Opt out or in of the open register.


About voting

About the electoral registration system.

Watch our video to find out why it's important to register to vote.

  • Modified: Oct 12, 2015 8:34:36 AM