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2012 Local Election results

Sheffield City Council 2012 local election and mayoral referendum results.

Seats held:

  • Labour 59
  • Liberal Democrats 23
  • Green Party 2

Electorate: 397510

Turnout: 130246

% turnout: 32.77%


Mayoral Referendum Result

Voters were given 2 choices about how they’d like Sheffield City Council to be run:

By a leader who is an elected Councillor voted for by the other elected Councillors.  This is how the Council is run now.

  • Votes: 82890
  • Percentage vote: 65%

By a Mayor that is elected by voters.  This would be a change from how the Council is run now.

  • Votes: 44571
  • Percentage vote: 35%

Sheffield City Council will retain a leadership system.

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