The One Year Plan

Our One Year Plan is designed to help Sheffield rebuild from COVID-19, empower communities and deliver for the city and its amazing people.

As well as immediate actions for the year ahead, the plan starts to lay the foundations for long term change. We want Sheffield to flourish as a modern city that is socially and environmentally just, with great opportunities and wellbeing for everyone.

The plan puts Sheffield first, delivering on clear priorities in the coming months and laying the foundations for a bright future. It focuses on empowering people and businesses to thrive, building sustainability into all areas of life and keeping Sheffield’s diverse communities at the heart of all our plans.

There are four areas in the One Year Plan, with clear priorities and actions in each. They are:

  • Communities and Neighbourhoods: focusing on our ambition for all communities to love and be proud of where they live, to have great facilities, to feel safe, live without discrimination and be healthier and happier
  • Education, Health and Care: our ambition is for every person in Sheffield to be able to achieve their full potential. We want to address educational inequalities and support people to stay fit and healthy, so fewer people reach crisis point and families can thrive
  • Climate Change, Economy and Development: our ambition is for Sheffield to be a flourishing, sustainable and inclusive city, creating opportunity and great jobs for Sheffielders. Working with businesses towards a dynamic environment for enterprise and innovation and achieving net zero carbon by 2030
  • Our Council: we want to lead boldly with purpose and decisiveness, putting the communities and people of Sheffield at the heart of everything and working hard to deliver excellence always

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