Shared Lives supports independent living for adults across Sheffield. Those who could use extra support may:

  • have a learning, physical or sensory disability
  • have mental health needs
  • be struggling to cope
  • want support with daily living skills
  • require support to access the community

Shared Lives provides trained carers who offer extra help and support different ways to meet specific needs.

Types of care

There are three main types of care and support offered by Shared Lives in the carer’s own home:

  • emergency respite – in response to an unforeseen situation support is offered for a limited amount of time at short notice, day or night
  • respite placements – a carer provides support for a longer, planned period of time to give the usual carers an extended break
  • long term placements – a carer provides support on a long term basis, with the person being cared for becoming part of the household and family


Anyone living in Sheffield who is over 16 and needs extra support can be referred to Shared Lives. If you think you need support from Shared Lives please contact us to check if you are eligible.

Depending on individual circumstances, some people may have to pay for receiving Shared Lives care and support. This is always discussed with you before any care starts.