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Streets Ahead roadworks and upgrades map - works timetable

Search using a postcode or road name to find out when Streets Ahead upgrade works will be taking place in your area.

How to search for your road

  • Enter the road name in the search bar and click on the search button.

  • Scroll down the results list until you see the address you want and click on it.

  • This will then show you your address.

  • Hover the cursor over the coloured road and left click the mouse.  This should then bring up a zone information box.

Indicative dates shown and are subject to change.

The map shows the 'zone' your street falls into and the date that zone is due to start. 


Detail about works in each area/zone

Areas and schedules.

Parking restrictions while we complete the works.

Map not showing? View the (large) map.


The zones

The zonal approach divides the city into 108 zones. These are made up of 27 A zone and 81 B zones:

  • A zones are main roads

  • B zones are the residential roads

In some areas, an A zone will run through a B zone. These zones may not have Streets Ahead works carried out on them at the same time.

Areas and schedules.

Works will be carried out at different times, and often in different years to minimise the impact of disruption and congestion.

It may be necessary to change some of the zone boundaries to carry out the works more efficiently. Any changes will be shown in future map updates.



Dates provided on the map are indicative dates only and can be subject to change. Changes will be shown on the map as soon as possible.


The upgrades

Works carried out in a zone will be described nearer the time, as we need to establish the extent of the work needed and if all roads need work.

Once assessed, if the road, pavement or paved space is in good condition then it is unlikely it will be improved in the first 5 years of the contract.

Which roads we will improve

Streets Ahead works will:

  • only be carried out on the adopted roads, so private (not adopted) roads are not included
  • not maintain street lighting on some private roads. These private roads will receive the new LED light but no works will be carried out on the roads. 

Find out about how Streets Ahead work will be carried out and the zonal approach.


Avoid Traffic Disruption: Get There Sooner

Avoid the disruption and roadworks, check Travel South Yorkshire's Get There Sooner to avoid the roadworks or use public transport.


Map Disclaimer

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