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Charter Square - Pedestrian and Cycle Improvement Scheme

Charter Square Improvements

Following public consultation, we are changing the road layout at Charter Square to improve crossing, access and personal safety for pedestrians and cyclists. We will revitalise the area to complement other nearby regeneration projects (e.g. The Moor). Work is expected to finish in Summer 2017.


What the changes will look like

A new 2-way single carriageway will run between Rockingham Street and Pinstone Street, as well as a cycle lane, with the remaining area being pedestrianised.

In order to bring forward this highways scheme, work will need to be undertaken in Phases. The road layout will temporarily change during each of these Phases of work to make way for the new, permanent road layout. During the course of the works, Charter Square will remain open to traffic.

During Autumn 2016, works were undertaken in the central reserve along Furnival Gate and Wellington Street.  These enabling works were done to make way for the new, permanent road layout. During the earlier Phases, the road layout was changed from a roundabout to a 2-way road.

During the next Phase of works, Phase 3, the road layout will remain as a 2-way road, but the lanes of traffic will be changed so that traffic will travel either side of the Charter Square roundabout. This Phase will come into effect in early February 2017. Please see the link to the relevant map below for more information.

During Phase 3, vehicles will still be able to travel both ways, between Furnival Gate and Charter Row but, during this Phase, vehicles will not be able to travel from Furnival Gate and then turn right onto Wellington Street.
During the works, some footways and bus stops will be closed temporarily. Signs detailing alternative pedestrian routes and alternative bus stops will be provided.


How journeys might be affected

We’re working hard to minimise disruption and apologise in advance for any inconvenience. We have traffic cameras covering the area and temporary signal arrangements integrated into the surrounding network to reduce the likelihood of delay. This will be monitored by the Urban Traffic Control team.


For more information

Please read the attached briefing note, follow @SheffCouncil on Twitter and refer back to this page for updates. If you have any questions please feel free to call the Site Agent, Joe Waldron, on 077200 95279.


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