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Report potholes, road markings or broken pavements

Report problems with the road or pavement.

Issues you can report are:

  • Potholes

  • Broken paving

  • Damaged kerbs

  • Damaged road markings

  • Damaged speed bumps

  • Weeds on the road or pavement

  • Issues with inspection covers or stop tap covers

Also report leaves on the road or pavement.

Report road drainage problems.

Report spillages or fallen leaves on the road.


Streets Ahead road and pavement upgrades

We are resurfacing around two thirds of the city's roads and pavements between 2012 and 2017. This work is essential to bring these up to a good standard.

Further road and pavement resurfacing will take place after 2017 during the remainder of the 25 year project.

Road upgrade areas and timetable until 2017


Roads that are included

We will only upgrade or repair adopted roads that belong to the adopted highway i.e. roads maintained at public expense.

Private (not adopted) roads are not included, as well as:

  • A631 (Tinsley Viaduct Lower Deck)
  • A616 (Stocksbridge Bypass)
  • All motorways

These are managed and maintained by the Highways Agency.


Parking, access and road closures during resurfacing work

Road resurfacing work is some of the most important work we do but is also the most disruptive.

If we are resurfacing your road we will need to close it.  During this time you will not be able to:

  • access your driveway
  • drive down your road
  • park on the street

Please make sure to look out for the on-street signs and find alternative parking elsewhere in the area.

We will always accommodate pedestrian access to your property. Please speak to the on-site supervisor if you have any queries regarding access to and from your property during the works.

On narrow roads we often need to close the road to complete pavement resurfacing and kerbing work. This is for safety, if we are closing the road you will receive a letter informing you of the closure.

More about parking restrictions.


More Information

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