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Travel Plans

How to develop your organisation's travel plan on a voluntary basis or as part of the planning process.


Why write a Travel Plan

Organisations develop travel plans to manage employee travel, and any other travel to and from its sites, especially to reduce their carbon footprint and maximise access / travel options.

A travel plan is a tailored package of measures for commuter journeys, business trips and freight deliveries.

Travel needs of the organisation, site and local area can be addressed through the plan but at the core are measures to reduce the need to travel, reduce reliance on the car and promote sustainable travel (bus, cycle, walk, car share).

With increasing levels of traffic, congestion and vehicle emissions (linked to air quality and climate change) travel plans are becoming ever more important.

Organisations can also find them useful for reducing travel costs, improving employee health, managing demand for parking spaces and making it easier for journeys to be made to and from their sites.


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