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School Travel Initiatives

Arbourthorne primary school walking banner

To help schools to meet the aims set out in their School Travel Plan the School Travel Team run a number of initiatives. See also News.

For more information and to take part contact us on 0114 273 5828 or email



Travel4life is a package of curriculum linked sessions promoting the benefits of choosing active travel.  The School Travel Team deliver these sessions in schools to all year groups. Sessions could include Geography - mapping of the area with Y5. or Art & design with Y2 - making a bespoke banner to go outside your school (see photo above).  Activities can be tailored to suit each school, year group and current scheme of work.



Contact us for the following classroom resources and activities and to find out about others available.

  • Class sets of Step-o-meters are available to loan out to schools along with lesson plans and ideas
  • Make your own walk or bike to school badges using the  badge maker (badge components included)
  • Steps and Hazards – The travel to school game (board game and large floor mat versions available


Walk Once a Week - WoW

WoW (Walk Once a Week or Walk On Wednesday) is a walking initiative aimed at reducing the number of children who are driven to school regularly whilst increasing the amount of physical activity children take in their every day lives.  The WoW scheme encourages students (and parents) to walk to and from school on a designated day every week of the school year.

Children have classroom charts to keep track of every WoW day they walk.  Badges are awarded to each child who has walked to school on every designated day during the term, with different badges to collect.

WoW not only helps to keep both children and parents fitter and healthier but reduces the number of cars around the school entrance making it safer for everyone.


Walking buses

Sheffield has many successful Walking Buses running.


Park and Stride / 5 minute Walking Zone

A number of schools in Sheffield have set up Park & Stride schemes as part of their School Travel Plans.  Such schemes encourage those who need to travel by car, to park further away from the school in a designated spot and walk the rest of the way.  This helps to cut down congestion around the school and create a safer school entrance for the pupils.

5 minute walking zones can be set up with the help of a School Travel Adviser.  The zones are created by pupils during a class session.  Parents are asked to park outside the zone and walk the last 5 minutes to school.

Children cycling in a playground

Bike It

Bike It is an exciting project, promoting cycling as a healthy, environmentally friendly and fun way to get to school.  Run by Sustrans in partnership with ourselves, we now have 2 Bike It Officers working in many schools around the city.

For further information please contact our Bike It Officers on 0114 2735828 / 2736153 or email or

For information about the national project see the Sustrans website.

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