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Sheffield traffic camera list

Sheffield's 32 Traffic CCTV cameras provide images of the most significant parts of our road network.

Check the volume of traffic before you travel.

The camera images are updated once a minute throughout the working day.

  1. Sheaf Square - Shoreham Street, Paternoster Row, Howard Street, Pond Street, Sheaf Street.
  2. No camera for this location
  3. Bramall Lane Roundabout - St Marys Road, Bramall Lane, St Marys Gate, Eyre Street.
  4. Moore Street Roundabout - St Marys Gate, Moore Street, Hanover Way, Charter Row.
  5. Brookhill Roundabout - Broad Lane, Upper Hanover Street, Western Bank, Netherthorpe Road.
  6. West Bar Roundabout - West Bar, West Bar Green, Gibraltar Street, Corporation Street.
  7. Nursery Street - Wicker - Nursery Street, Wicker, Blonk Street, Ladys Bridge.
  8. Park Square South - Broad Street, Duke Street, Sheaf Street, Commercial Street.
  9. Park Square North - Commercial Street, Exchange Place, Parkway, Broad Street.
  10. Penistone Road - Hoyle Street - Shalesmoor, Hoyle Street, Infirmary Road, Penistone Road.
  11. Manor Top - City Road, Prince of Wales Road, Mansfield Road, Ridgeway Road.
  12. Gleadless Town End - White Lane, Norton Avenue, Gleadless Road, Ridgeway Road.
  13. Bernard Road - Parkway - Parkway, Cutlers Gate, Bernard Road, Cricket Inn Road, Bernard Street, Broad Street.
  14. Handsworth Road - Parkway - Handsworth Road, Parkway.
  15. Owlerton Green - Penistone Road - Owlerton Green, Penistone Road, Livesey St, Bradfield Road.
  16. Middlewood Road - Catchbar Lane - Middlewood Road, Catchbar Lane.
  17. Fred Mulley Road - Sutherland Street - Sutherland Street, Fred Mulley Road, Attercliffe Road.
  18. Savile Street - Sutherland Street - Savile Street, Sutherland Street, Savile Street East.
  19. Brightside Lane - Hawke Street - Hawke Street, Brightside Lane, Upwell Street.
  20. Arena Square - Attercliffe Common, Broughton Lane, Janson Street.
  21. Meadowhall Way (Orange) -21 Meadowhall Way, Orange Car Park.
  22. Meadowhall Way (Red) - Meadowhall Way, Red Car Park.
  23. Sheffield Rd Roundabout - Sheffield Road, Vulcan Road.
  24. Meadowhall Way (Yellow) - Meadowhall Way, Yellow Car Park.
  25. Meadowhall Road - Alsing Road - Meadowhall Way, Meadowhall Road, Alsing Road.
  26. M1 J34 Blackburn Roundabout - M1 J34, Meadowhall Rd, Meadowbank Rd, Blackburn Road.
  27. M1 J34 Tinsley Roundabout (North) - M1 J34 (Tinsley), Sheffield Road, Bawtry Road.
  28. M1 J34 Tinsley Roundabout (South) - M1 J34 (Tinsley), Shepcote Lane, Sheffield Road.
  29. Prince of Wales Road - Darnall - Handsworth Road , Prince of Wales Road, Darnall Main Road, Greenland Road.
  30. No camera for this location.
  31. M1 J31 (Aston) - M1 J31 (Aston), A57 Worksop Road.
  32. Western Bank - Clarkson Street - Western Bank, Brookhill, Clarkson Street.
  33. Glossop Road - Clarkhouse Road - Glossop Road, Clarkhouse Road.
  34. Manchester Road - Fulwood Road - Manchester Road, (Broomhill), Fulwood Road.
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