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Dropped Kerbs (Vehicular Crossings)

If you want to drop a kerb to make it easier for vehicles to access your site (e.g. home, business) you need our permission first. 

Download the relevant application form below, complete it and send it to us with the correct payment.  The address is on the form.



We charge £70 for domestic applications and £170 for light industrial applications.


Doing the work

If we give permission you should arrange for a qualified highway contractor to drop the kerb. All works are carried out at your own expense. Highway contractors must have Street Works qualifications and £2million public liability insurance.

For more information on any dropped kerb which would be used by vehicles call us on 0114 2736136. If the dropped kerb is only for wheelchair access (not including vehicles with wheelchairs) phone 0114 2734479.


Planning permission

If the location of the proposed dropped kerb is on a classified road, in a conservation area or for a listed building you will first need planning permission

Contact Development Management for more information.

Check to see if your road is a classified road.

Or contact our Highway Records Office:

Guidance notes

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