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About Parking Services

We do the following to make it possible for you to park on-street in Sheffield and in our off-street car parks:

  • Make sure the parking bays and ticket machines are maintained.

  • Enforce parking use by issuing parking and bus lane fines and respond to any queries or challenges about them.

  • Provide parking permits and answer any questions about them. 


Why we restrict and enforce parking

We issue parking and bus lane fines when people don't comply with the parking signs by parking at the wrong time, in the wrong place or not paying enough.

The main reason we enforce parking is to help traffic to flow more freely, public transport to keep to timetables and deliveries to get to where they are meant to be on time. 

School children, pedestrians and cyclists will feel safer and have improved access because fewer vehicles are parked on the pavement or blocking cycle routes.

Our priorities

  • Ensuring bus lanes are kept clear when required

  • Patrolling school entrance areas to provide improved and safer access for children

  • Making sure that the city's parking zones operate successfully

We aim to limit all-day parking.  

All of our charges are in line with our policy of protecting our environment by encouraging the use of other types of transport e.g. walking, cycling and public transport.


On street parking

We enforce parking regulations to make sure that on street parking spaces are available for visitors, shops, businesses, local facilities and residents and that public transport can run smoothly and safely.

All of Sheffield’s Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are clearly indicated by signs and road markings in the highway. If you are in any doubt where, or for how long, you can legally park, check these markings and signs.

Street signs and lines.

The Highway Code.


Contact us about car parks and parking permits

Ask us online.

Telephone us.


Ask us about other parking services

Report a parking ticket machine fault - 0114 2736255

Ask us to enforce restrictions on a road - 0114 2736255

Pay a parking fine or bus lane penalty

Bay suspensions and dispensations - email

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