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Green parking permit

Apply for, renew, cancel or change the details of a green parking permit.

A green parking permit is for low-emission vehicles such as electric, gas and dual-fuelled vehicles (e.g. electric hybrids).  It does not include biodiesel-enabled vehicles.

A green permit allows you to park in our car parks or on-street parking, subject to time limits (details below).

The scheme is for anyone with an eligible vehicle, irrespective of home address.


Number of permits

You are allowed one application per person per household.



  • Joining fee of £10
  • Annual fee of £100



When buying a green paperless parking permit, please allow 36 hours between purchasing it and parking in a permit zone.  This is to make sure your paperless permit has been activated and the necessary records have been updated before you use it for the first time.


Parking locations

The green permit can only be used in our car parks (map below) or in on-street parking spaces.  This is subject to time limits - see below.

It cannot be used in car parks we don't run or in other parking permit zones like Broomhill and Hillsborough.


Map of our car parks

Map not displaying? View the (larger) map.


About the green permit

Permits will not be issued for any period less than 12 months.

When you apply for a green permit, we will send you a cardboard clock.  You must use this clock to show what time your parking started.  You must clearly display it in your windscreen.

If you don't comply with the conditions of the scheme you may receive a parking fine.


Time limits

With your green permit you can only stay for 2 hours on street, with some exceptions.

Car parks tend not to have special time limits for green permits, but there are some where you can only stay for 6 hours.

On-street parking time limits

Green permits will allow a maximum stay of 2 hours in on-street pay and display bays.

On-street parking spaces with no time limit:

  • Bolton Street
  • Brittain Street
  • Broad Lane
  • Brook Hill
  • Broomhall Street
  • Cavendish Street
  • Conway Street
  • Egerton Street
  • Favell Road
  • Gell Street
  • Gibraltar Street\West Bar
  • Headford Street
  • Hodgson Street
  • Hollis Croft
  • Hounsfield Road
  • Leadmill Road
  • Leadmill Street
  • Leavy Greave Road
  • Matilda Lane
  • Milton Street
  • Mortimer Street
  • Newcastle Street
  • Scotland Street
  • The Setts
  • Thomas Street
  • Victoria Street
  • Wilkinson Lane
  • Wilkinson Street (the section inside the inner ring road)

If you cannot remember if a street is on the list, look for the Ring-Go location number 7903 on the ticket machine.

City centre car park time limits

The following car parks are restricted to a maximum-stay period of 6 hours for green permit holders:

  • Wellington Street Car Park (Old Fire Station site) (Ring-Go location code 7943)
  • Carver Lane Car Park (Ring-Go location code 7925)
  • Stanley Lane Car Park (Ring-Go is not currently available at this car park but will be added shortly).


Green permits cannot be used

  • in the Science Park A Car Park, Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm
  • at all in Sheffield Hallam University 'Permit Holders Only' car parks. These are indicated by yellow signs - see the image above.

The other car parks we run in the city centre are not limited for green permit holders.

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