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City Car Club

Join the Sheffield Car Club. There are 8 cars and a van in reserved parking spaces in the city that members of the public and organisations are using for a wide variety of journeys.

This pay-by-the-hour cars scheme, run by City Car Club, could save you the cost and hassle of having your own car.

Use it to see a friend, do the shopping, go to a business meeting, get to your evening class or nip out to the Peak District for a few hours.



Cars are available 24 hours a day for as little as half an hour - book free at the City Car Club.  Entry to cars is via your personal membership card.



City centre spaces reserved for Car Club cars. Pick the car up from that location and return it there.



All Sheffield locations.



From £4.95 per hour, plus a charge per mile for fuel. Pay £60 per year for membership.  Regular users can get discounts. Membership fees for organisations vary.

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