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City Car Club

Join the Sheffield Car Club. There are 7 cars and a van in reserved parking spaces in the city that members of the public and organisations are using for a wide variety of journeys.

This pay-by-the-hour cars scheme, run by City Car Club, could save you the cost and hassle of having your own car.

Use it to see a friend, do the shopping, go to a business meeting, get to your evening class or nip out to the Peak District for a few hours.



Whether you are an individual or an organisation becoming a member, most of the details around how the Car Club works for you are the same.

D McIntyre

Join Now

Apply individually or as an organisation to City Car Club.

City Car Club will process your application in just a few days. This will include verifying your driving licence before posting the membership card to the address you give.


Contact Us

If you are interested in the car club but want to talk to us first, see our contact details below.

Phone 0114 205 3073

Development Services
Town Hall
Pinstone St
Sheffield S1 2HH

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