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Cycle routes: Finding your way

Find out how to cycle around Sheffield:

  • Sheffield Cycle Map for routes in the city

  • Cycle Streets online journey planner

  • Try quiet routes parallel to busy roads

  • Look out for cycle lanes (on and off road)

  • Cycling is permitted in most bus lanes

  • There are some shared-use routes with pedestrians

  • There are signs in the city centre for key destinations (see picture above)

  • City centre cycle parking

Help for beginners

Cycles on Public Transport.


Be responsible

Follow the Highway Code.

Don't ride on pavements and other areas for pedestrians (unless signs say you can) and don't go through red traffic lights. Let other road users know what you are doing by signalling. 

When you are in shared-use areas with pedestrians remember that they have priority. Use your bell to tell them you are approaching.


Tram tracks

Cycle wheels can get stuck in tram rail grooves, which can be dangerous for the cyclist. 

This can happen if you cycle too close to the rails or if you cross the rails at too slight an angle. 

This image shows how you should cross almost perpendicular to the rails to reduce this risk.

The Sheffield Cycle Map shows where the tram tracks are in Sheffield and to plan alternative routes if you want to.  Highway Code advice (section 306).

Tell us if you have had any incidents and accidents involving tram rails (or any other incident).



Cycling along canals.

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