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Cycling for beginners

Find out how to get cycling.

Steps to start cycling.

  1. Get a bicycle and accessories: equipping yourself.  Get advice at the shop about what products are durable.  You might be able to try a bicycle for a month through Cycle Boost
  2. Learn how to cycle properly. We provide free cycle coaching
  3. Build your confidence. Try cycling around your neighbourhood, avoiding main roads.  Sheffield Cycle Map has different kinds of routes and Finding Your Way
  4. Cycle regularly. Most people find that once they make a journey regularly it becomes like second nature. Cycles on Public Transport


Tackling hills

Hills are harder if you are new to cycling or haven’t cycled for some time. It takes time to build up your strength and endurance. Here are a few tips:

  1. Where possible avoid routes with steep climbs
  2. Get a bike with low gears, which make it easier to go up hills
  3. Speeding at the bottom of the hill will tire you out - take it steady
  4. Don't be afraid to walk the last bit at first - your body will get used to cycling up hills in the end


Looking after your bicycle

Bicycles are like cars and need to be regularly serviced to stay safe and to work properly.  Cycle shops in Sheffield and ReCycleBikes can service bicycles.

Pedal Ready might be able to offer free maintenance training.

Buy a pump and make sure your tyres stay hard when you squeeze them. Keep the chain clean and oiled.  Squeeze your brake levers and push the bicycle forward. If the brakes don’t stop it moving quickly they should be replaced.

Get the right seat height: where your heel touches the pedal at its lowest point and your leg is straight (when you ride you will pedal with the front of the foot).

A lower seat may be more comfortable but might make your ride a little unsteady and put unnecessary pressure on your knees when you pedal.


Security and insurance

We recommend you have insurance both for your bicycle and personal insurance. Every bicycle needs a good lock for securing it to a cycle stand or other sturdy object.

More information on security and insurance see Equipping yourself.

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