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Transport Policy

Roads and transport gives information on a wide range of services we provide and initiatives we support.  But how do we decide what we give priority to?


A Vision for Excellent Transport in Sheffield

Our Transport Vision describes our approach to transport between 2011 and 2026, to empower people to make informed choices about the way they travel.  Transport will help contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvements we want to happen in the city.

It contributes to the delivery of 2 plans:

Corporate plan

Our Corporate Plan 2015-18 sets out the strategic direction and priorities.

South Yorkshire Local Transport Plan

The Local Transport Plan is the plan for transport in the county and is overseen by the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority. 

It contains the Sheffield City Region Transport Strategy (2011-2026), which is the overall approach for the county and beyond, and also implementation plans setting out what will actually be done.

A large proportion of funding for transport initiatives comes from the Government and it is through the LTP that this is secured.

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Other local policies

Transport development is linked with other local policies where it benefits, or benefits from, other areas of work - an integrated approach.

The environment is important for deciding how we encourage travel in the city, with a particular need to reduce vehicle fuel emissions. 

Find out about our overall approaches to climate change and air quality.

The Regional Spatial Strategy is about new housing and employment and broadly how it will be developed in Yorkshire and Humber areas. 

It includes how transport will support such development (through the Regional Transport Strategy).   The strategy also looks at important environmental aspects such as enhancing the countryside and how waste is dealt with.

The strategy covers the period up to 2021 and was formally adopted in May 2008.

The Sheffield Plan sets out how we will guide development in the city up to 2021.  This includes housing and business development and takes into account how transport will support this.   It is replacing the Unitary Development Plan and will fit in with the Regional Spatial Strategy.


City Strategy

Sheffield's strategy sets out to achieve the following five big ambitions through people and organisations across the city working together:

  1. Sheffield to have an economy that matches the best in Europe
  2. Sheffield to establish excellence in its public transport system
  3. Every neighbourhood to be a successful neighbourhood
  4. Everyone to be able to fulfil their potential through learning and enterprise
  5. Sheffield to be an attractive and sustainable, low-carbon city

Sheffield First describes how organisations in the city are working together to do this.

We also work closely with the Highways England ensuring that we have good transport links with the motorway network and to ensure that air quality in Sheffield is not negatively affected by the proximity of the motorway.

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