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Getting Involved in Road and Transport Forums

Duncan McIntyre - 16.04.09

See Streets Ahead for all information about how we are renewing Sheffield's roads and pavements.

To comment on a new scheme that we are proposing (e.g. a bus route, permit parking scheme) or just get information see Schemes and Projects. There will be details there about how and when you can get involved.

You can Report and Request help with and improvements to roads and travel related issues.


Discuss Sheffield's Needs

To join with others to look at issues and needs around the city why not consider joining one of the following forums.  Places are limited.

Sheffield on the Move

Sheffield on the Move is a citywide, public body bringing together representatives of transport forums and stakeholders along with members of the travelling public to identify solutions to road congestion, safety, pollution and access. 

Meets every 3 months, on the fourth Thursday of the month at 5pm at the Town Hall. 

Email or call 0114 205 3303 to find out more.

Walking Forum

Promotes walking in Sheffield by working with volunteers and organisations in the city.  They are consulted on transport and other projects which have an impact on walking.  Meeting every month on the third Friday at 9.45am.

Email or call 0114 205 3073 to find out more.

Cycle Forum

The Cycle Forum develops initiatives to promote cycling.   Consulted on transport and other projects which have an impact on cycling.  Meets every other month, usually the third Tuesday, at 4.30pm at the Town Hall. 

Email or call 0114 273 4479 to find out more.

Public Transport Forum

Small body of users meeting on a quarterly basis to discuss local public transport issues with both providers and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE). 

Members represent various interest groups.   Call the SYPTE on 0114 276 7575 or email

Transport for All

Transport 4 All  is a city-wide group of disabled transport users that meets quarterly with Council officers, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, and public transport operators in the city. 

The group advises on how to improve access to transport services for disabled people and move towards equal access. 

Email or call 0114 273 4192 to find out more.

Motorists Forum

Motorists Forum provides feedback on traffic movement in the city.  Consulted on transport schemes that impact on motorists. 

Meets every 3 months, on the third Thursday of the month at 4.30pm at the Town Hall. 

Email or call 0114 205 3303 to find out more.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Transport Forum

Meet regularly to discuss and lobby for improvements in transport matters of all types which affect the city's business community. 

This includes everything from local road schemes to national infrastructure schemes. Attendees must be members of the SCCI

The forum is also an active participant in the wider Sheffield City Region Transport Forum (which advises the LEP), and also sits on our Motorists Forum, amongst others.

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