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Tell us about a Private Fostering arrangement



There are a number of children in Sheffield who are being looked after by someone who is not their parent or close relative.

If this living arrangement is for more than 28 days, then this is considered a private fostering arrangement. 

We understand that there are times when alternative living arrangements must be made for children, but we need to know about them to help keep children safe.

Very soon you can watch our film about some examples of private fostering.

Why we need to know...

You have a responsibility to tell us if you or someone you know is caring for a child under 16, or 18 if disabled, under a private fostering agreement or that you intend to.

If possible, you should contact us six weeks before the arrangement starts.

If it is an emergency arrangement, or the child is already privately fostered, contact the Connected Persons team as soon as possible. 

If you know of any child who is being cared by someone other than their parents, let us know by calling 0114 273 6489, or

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How we can help...

Our Connected Person’s team can provide ongoing help, advice and support to parents, children and carers, including support if the child has any additional needs.

Once reported, we’ll arrange for a social worker from our Connected Person’s team to visit. Then we’ll keep eveyone involved and update you on what’s happening. If you have any questions about reporting Private Fostering, please call  our helpline on 0114 273 6489 or email

We are responsible for ensuring the welfare of young people in Sheffield who are privately fostered, so reporting Private Fostering arrangements helps us keep children safe. 

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