Become an Air Quality Champion

Air pollution contributes to premature deaths every year with links to asthma, lung disease and lung cancer. We are taking action to improve air quality for our community and it's visitors by stopping engine idling across the city.

Everyone is affected by air pollution. Our families and loved ones all breathe the same air. By taking our #dontidle pledge and spreading the word to family and friends you can help make a big difference.

You can volunteer as an Air Quality Champion at our first Anti-idling Action meeting. This is when we will discuss how members of the public can engage in reducing air pollution and spreading the #dontidle message.

Role of an Air Quality Champion

  • motivating drivers to switch off their engines when stationary now and in the future
  • educating them about air pollution - give them knowledge and facts
  • make it appealing - others are doing it, it is good for our local communities and for our environment
  • engaging with idlers, residents, parents and carers and other passers by
  • in pairs visiting idling hotspot areas, talking to drivers and asking them to switch off and pledge to not idle
  • using social media to spread the word #dontidle

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