Protected trees

We mainly cover trees in gardens and on other privately owned land. Trees are protected in a number of ways:

  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)
  • conservation areas
  • planning conditions

Tree Preservation Orders

TPOs can be on individual trees (Point TPOs), on a woodland (Woodland TPOs) or cover particular trees within an area (Area TPOs).

To find out if you have TPOs on your land or are in a conservation area and if your tree is protected, please use the map below.

TPO plans

Specific trees in Point and Area TPOs are not detailed on the map but will be in the original TPO plan.  If you would like a copy of the plan, please call us on 0114 203 9183 with the TPO number (808/xxx).  A £15 charge applies which you can pay over the phone.

Apply for consent to work on a protected tree

To apply for consent to work on a protected tree please apply online or download and complete a paper application form.

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Is this page helpful?