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Pedestrian movement

Pedestrians crossing a street

Sheffield seeks to promote walking and make the experience safe, attractive and convenient; and requires the protection of existing routes and the provision of new pedestrian links where they can facilitate the Council's proposed strategic pedestrian network.

Walking is the most sustainable form of travel; helping to reduce congestion and pollution, promote social inclusion and community development.

A night time streetscene in Sheffield

Design Considerations

Ensure that the development forms part of a network of good quality and safe pedestrian links linking to the surrounding neighbourhood and to public transport.

Make sure pathways are direct and connect to where people will want to go.

Avoid segregated pathways with no surveillance.

Minimise street clutter and obstructions.

Offer good visual connections and where possible choice.

Ensure that road crossings are pedestrian friendly and do not require long detours.

Design road layouts to keep traffic speeds slow.

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