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Planning toolkit: Air quality

Improving air quality and reducing pollution is one of our key goals with the entire urban area of the city covered by an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) designation.

We aim to improve air quality in the city.  We are therefore keen to ensure that the air quality impacts of new developments, including those arising from the traffic they generate, are minimised. It is equally important to have regard to air quality when considering the location of proposed sensitive developments such as housing or schools.

Core Strategy policy CS66 states that action to protect air quality will be taken in all areas of the city, and further action to improve air quality will be taken across the built up area, particularly where residents are exposed to levels of pollution above national targets.

Developers will be expected to consider the impact they will have on existing air quality. Whilst emissions from both industrial and domestic premises cannot be overlooked, emissions from road traffic are now a major source of local air pollution.


Design considerations

  • Seek to preserve or improve the existing levels of air quality, as appropriate in line with policy CS66

  • Assess the nature of the proposed use and the pollution levels in the area

  • Locate the development so that it is accessible by a range of transport options

  • Provide details of any mitigation measures (e.g. car clubs)


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