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Planning Sustainability Toolkit: Green Roofs

We are an active partner in the Sheffield Green Roof Forum that has obtained Objective 1 funding to set up a Green Roof Centre research and demonstration facility for the region, and encourages the incorporation of green roofs within all major developments.


Green roofs contribute towards sustainability through:

Reducing resource use, extending the lifespan of the roof due to protection from ultraviolet and reducing drainage infrastructure because of lower surface water run-off;

Reducing energy demands, helping to cool the building and mitigating the need for air conditioning and providing a better ambient temperature for photo-voltaic solar panels.

Improving air quality through trapping dust;

Encouraging biodiversity through providing additional habitats;

Improving water management through reducing water run off, leading to less flooding and pollution of rivers.


Design considerations

Incorporating a minimum depth of growing medium of 70mm to meet Sheffield conditions;

Enabling a roof load of 120kg/m2 for extensive green roofs;

Assessing the whole life costs of the development;

Considering the implementation of a green roof at the outset;

Establishing the appropriate type of green roof for the building;

Providing access to the roof for community/educational buildings;


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