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Sheffield Plan

We are legally required to produce a development plan for the whole of Sheffield (except for the area in the Peak District National Park). It will guide the future of the city by setting out how and where development will take place up to 2034. 

We are expecting the Plan to come into force in 2018.


Sheffield Plan: city-wide options for growth to 2034

We consulted on the 1st stage of making the Sheffield Plan, the City-wide Options for Growth to 2034, from 11 November 2015 to 15 January 2016.  

Summary of responses

An Executive Summary of the responses received is below.  It presents an overview of the main issues raised on the entire consultation. 

A summary of the key issues raised under each of the consultation questions is below.

Consultation Documents

The documents that were consulted on are available below together with the Winter Garden Exhibition material (held 7 to 11 December 2015):

Other documents which provided background information are available below for reference:


Next steps

We are now assessing the comments and will produce a Consultation Report setting out our responses to the main issues raised. This will be available in January 2017 when we consult on the draft Sheffield Plan.

The comments are being used to help shape the more detailed policies and proposals in the draft Plan.

There will be a further period of public consultation in Autumn 2017 on a full draft plan and a public examination will take place in 2018 (when an independent Inspector will consider any objections to the Plan).

We aim to formally adopt the Sheffield Plan later in 2018.


Previous consultations

In 2013, we consulted on the pre-submission draft version of the City Policies and Sites document and Proposals Map which (together with the adopted Core Strategy) would have formed the Sheffield Local Plan.

We decided not to continue with this document, partly as we needed to identify more land for new homes, so instead we have commenced work on the Sheffield Plan.

A Consultation Report is available below. It contains a summary of the comments we received during the consultation in 2013 and our responses to them.


Relationship to previous plans

The Sheffield Plan will replace the Core Strategy (adopted in 2009) and incorporate some of the work already carried out for the Pre-submission Draft City Policies and Sites Document and Proposals Map (2013). 

It will also replace the Unitary Development Plan (adopted in 1998).

We have decided to start work on the Sheffield Plan to take account of new challenges and opportunities. 

Central Government also requires us to have an up-to-date plan.  In particular, we need to show that we have enough land identified for housing over the next 5 years, so that we comply with the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework. 

We also need to plan for the economic growth of the city, including allocating enough land for new businesses.


Development Management decisions

Until the new Sheffield Plan is adopted, Development Management decisions will be based on the following:


Statement of Conformity

The Statement of Conformity below demonstrates how our existing policies are consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework.


Future consultations

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Contact us

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