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Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The 2012/13 update of the Sheffield and Rotherham Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) refreshes previous reports. It is published in 2 parts:


Part 1 - June 2013

This part sets out the overall method and provides the final updated assessment of housing land supply for the Sheffield district, accompanied by the Sheffield site schedule and maps. 

The housing land map will also help you find information on housing sites across Sheffield.

Report and site schedules

  • Site Schedule Annex B (PDF, 3979 KB)

    This shows land not included in the potential supply but suggested by respondents to the Sheffield ‘Call-for-Sites’ or by respondents to the SDF City Policies and Sites consultation.


Part 2 - Rotherham December 2012

This part provides the assessment of supply for Rotherham, accompanied by the Rotherham site schedule. It also brings together the data for both districts to provide a picture of the total potential supply.


Land Allocation and Policy Decisions

The SHLAA does not allocate land for housing development and does not make policy decisions on which sites should be developed.

The role of a SHLAA is to identify a pool of potential housing sites against which other policy considerations have to be balanced. 

It will be used to support decision-making and does not pre-judge the strategic approach that the Sheffield and Rotherham Local Plans will eventually take.


Interim Report

An interim report was produced in July 2008 and the first update in March 2011, both of which are available by request:

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