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Landscape Character Assessment

Preliminary Assessment

The Sheffield Preliminary Landscape Character Assessment was undertaken by ourselves during 2011.  The assessment seeks to identify the main character areas and types within the Sheffield Green Belt and other countryside areas in Sheffield district (excluding the part of the district that is within the Peak District National Park).

The purpose is to identify the features and elements of landscape areas that contribute to creating their distinct character and makes them different to neighbouring areas.

The preliminary assessment focuses predominantly on the visual characteristics of each area and is only the first stage towards a full Landscape Character Assessment. 

A3 Maps and Preliminary Assessment


Full Assessment

The full assessment will provide more detail relating to the context nationally and regionally and will require specialist contributions for areas such as geology, ecology, soils and cultural heritage.

It is envisaged that it will also include a landscape strategy for both management and enhancement, including planting and management guidelines for the individual character types.

At that point, the document would be the tool by which to assess the inherent sensitivity of the Landscape Character Areas further informing decisions as to the capacity to accommodate change or development.

Currently, no timetable has been set for completing the Full Assessment as this will depend on the availability of resources and competing priorities.

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