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Lower Don Valley Flood Defence Project and Business Improvement District

We are working in conjunction with Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and the Environment Agency to develop a flood defence scheme for the Lower Don Valley. This is a critical economic area for Sheffield, second only to the City Centre, but it was devastated during the floods in 2007.

The scheme will involve improved defences and ongoing channel management on the River Don, stretching 8km from the Wicker to Meadowhall. The aim is to protect over 250 businesses and thousands of jobs, as well as ensuring that the Lower Don Valley remains an attractive place for new investment and a great place to do business.

Potential Funding

We have recently approved a project budget of £8.1million, subject to all funding being secured. Over 80% of costs would be financed by public funds, with a contribution from the private sector raised through the mechanism of a Business Improvement District (BID).

A Business Improvement District is a partnership between a local authority and the local business community to develop projects and services that will benefit the trading environment within a clearly defined area.

BIDs are common in other towns and cities in England, but this will be the first one organised in Sheffield, and the first one for a capital project in the country.

Find out more about Business Improvement Districts.

Consultation Ballot

Affected businesses will have their say by voting in a ballot. Without a majority vote, the BID will not go ahead. Without the BID, the flood project as a whole will not go ahead and the Lower Don Valley will remain unprotected against extreme flood risk.

The ballot period will open on Friday 15 November 2013 and close at 5:00pm on Friday 13 December 2013. The BID Business Plan and Prospectus are provided below to help you decide.

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