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Planning: Unauthorised banners and signs at the Pheasant Inn

The Pheasant Inn is an attractive stone built building which lies in a prominent position on Barnsley Road, occupying the corner of a busy junction.

As a result, the owners had allowed unauthorised banners and signage to be display on the exterior of the building.

These were advertising a variety of companies including taxi firms, tinted windows as well as promoting their own establishment.


What we did

The Enforcement team identified that these banners didn't have the necessary planning consent and were able to use the Section 225 powers to have these unauthorised advertisements removed.

In this case, a section 225 notice was served but the owners failed to remove the signs.

Subsequently, the Enforcement team took direct action to remove the signs as this was felt more practical than taking legal action to prosecute. The signs were removed.


  • Modified: Jun 27, 2014 2:25:12 PM