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Ormond Road

Enforcement 215 in action Enforcement 215 in action

Although occupied, this property in S8 had been neglected by its owner for a number of years. The property was in a severe state of disrepair and had become the target of passing vandals who repeatedly hurled stones at and smashed the upstairs windows. Following a complaint to the Council by a neighbour, warning letters were sent to the owner regarding the state of the property, which were ignored. Subsequently in February 2007, a notice was served under Section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 which required the owner to carry out repairs, specified by the Council, to bring the property back to standard and in keeping with the neighbouring properties. Within 6 weeks of the notice being served, the following improvements were made by the owner.

  • All windows, frames and doors were replaced with new uPVC and double glazing.
  • The fascia, guttering and fall pipes were replaced.
  • The front porch area was extensively renovated, replacing the rotting wood with brickwork and installing a new roof, fascia and guttering. New doors and glazing were also installed.
  • The garden was tidied and made acceptable. Overgrown trees and bushes were removed or cut back.

More details can be found in the downloadable document attached at the bottom of this page.


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