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Planning Enforcement Enquiry

You can make an enforcement enquiry whenever you suspect there is a breach of planning control or if a building or land has become poorly maintained.

Breaches of Planning Control

A breach of planning control occurs when a person starts work on a building or undertakes a new use without obtaining the necessary planning permission (some minor works and changes of use do not require planning permission). The law does permit a person to submit an application after work has been carried out, so as to seek to regularise acceptable development.

Poorly Maintained Buildings or Land

We can act on any poorly maintained building or land if it is judged to adversely affect the visual amenities of the street or neighbourhood. We may serve a notice on the owner of the building or land requiring the situation be rectified within given time constraints. We will assess any poorly maintained buildings or land drawn to our attention.

How to make an enquiry

Make a enforcement enquiry online.

Before you make an Enforcement Enquiry please ensure you have read the guidance notes in the attachment at the bottom of the page. This explains what we can and cannot consider, it also explains the process your enquiry will follow.

Alternatively you can download the enforcement enquiry form from the bottom of this page and submit it by email or post.

Planning Matters

We can only take into account matters relevant to land use planning and it cannot be used to protect a private or commercial interest against another, examples of this are:

  • Boundary Disputes

  • Internal alterations to houses (unless a listed building)

  • External security lights fixed to houses

  • High Hedge disputes.

Your Name and Address

When making an enquiry you must provide your name and contact details which will be kept confidential, this allows us to provide progress reports. It also ensures that the public is protected from unwarranted investigations.

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