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Noise Impact Assessment

When required

  • A proposal causes a noise disturbance to the occupants of nearby buildings;

  • A development is noise sensitive;

  • A proposal is close to existing sources of noise.

Noise can be generated by a number of different sources including road traffic, industrial and commercial processes and night time uses, such as bars, public houses, hot food takeaways and nightclubs.

Deliveries and people arriving or leaving a premises will also be considered.

The requirement for an assessment should be agreed with the planning case officer and the Environmental Protection Service at the pre-application enquiry stage.

Information required

All noise impact assessments should be prepared by a suitably qualified acoustician.

The Environmental Protection Services provide detailed advice on what will be required in an assessment including Supplementary Planning Guidance on city centre living issues.

  • Modified: Mar 9, 2015 12:27:08 PM