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Noise Impact Assessment

When required

  • A proposal is likely to have an adverse impact on existing occupants of nearby buildings;

  • A development is a noise sensitive use;

  • A proposal is close to existing sources of noise.

Noise can be generated by a number of different sources which include:

  • Traffic (road, rail and/or tram)
  • industrial and commercial activities
  • deliveries to and collections from premises
  • noise associated with the night-time economy such as entertainment sound, noise from people outside venues or accessing hot food takeaways and people in the street in the late evening. 


Information required

The requirement for a noise survey should be agreed with the planning case officer and the Environmental Protection Service (at the pre-application stage), and be prepared by a suitably qualified acoustician, to an agreed method statement.


Related information

Guidance on city centre Living noise policies.

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