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Flexibility in Planning Permissions

The Government has introduced three changes that are designed to give applicants more flexibility and so, in part, to help with recovery from the economic downturn:

Replacing planning permissions (extending the time limit for implementation)

A temporary window in which applicants can replace existing planning permissions and extend the time limits for implementing them.

There may be complications for some applicants, principally due to the adoption of the Core Strategy, and reduced fees do not come into immediate effect.

Non-material amendments to a planning permission

A new application procedure for making non-material amendments to an existing planning permission.

Regular customers will find this more onerous than our recent practice, but the Government has felt compelled to create this new application process following recent court cases.

Minor material amendments to a planning permission

Councils have been shown how they can help applicants use existing powers (under Section 73 of the Planning Act) to make minor material amendments to applications. More significant material amendments may still require a new application.

Applicants wishing to amend approved plans or other application documents that are referred to by condition may find this procedure useful. We will change our decision notices to open up this opportunity to more applicants over time.

  • Modified: Aug 23, 2012 11:49:20 AM