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Urban and Environmental Design

Our Urban and Environmental Design section works to draw together the range of different disciplines involved in the built environment, including architecture, planning, and landscape design through to advising on disability access; all to deliver high quality places that are distinctive, attractive and respond to their context.

We improve the quality of Sheffield's built environment through the promotion of good design and the protection of the City's heritage.


Protected trees

We protect Sheffield's best trees where they may be under threat by issuing Tree Preservation Orders and by controlling work to private trees in Conservation Areas. 

Email or telephone 0114 2734224



Advice on conservation areas, listed buildings and other aspects of the City's heritage or to contact one of our conservation officers:



Urban design

Urban design guidance as part of the planning service:

Email or telephone us on 0114 2734223.


Disability access

We provide advice on all aspects of physical access for disabled people to the city's environment, offer advice on development proposals and facilitate the Access Liaison Group meeting for the public.

Our Disability Access Officers are

Alternatively you can telephone 0114 2734197.


Regeneration of our city

Our Regeneration Projects Development Team offers a highly experienced Landscape Architectural design service. 

Urban and Environmental Design
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