Businesses can apply for a temporary pavement cafe consent. This is intended to help get business back up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This will:

  • last until 31 December 2021 
  • allow businesses to place tables and chairs on the pavement for customer use
  • be free of charge
  • not need planning permission or scaled architectural plans

This temporary scheme is not the same as the one year pavement cafe licence.

It has different application criteria, is free and lasts until 31 December 2021.


Who can apply

Any Sheffield business can apply for a Temporary Pavement Café Licence.  

The licence allow businesses to provide tables, chairs and associated furniture on the public highway or footway immediately outside or adjacent to your premises. This is for customers to consume food and drinks outside, subject to certain conditions.

If you wish to provide any activities other than the consumption of food and drink in the proposed area (including but not limited to live amplified music, market stalls, provision of dancing areas, cinema screens etc) then you should make this clear on your application. Separate permissions or licences are likely to be required for these activities.

For more information on what type of licences and permits you will need contact

If you are about to renew an existing one year Pavement Cafe Licence

You can apply for this temporarily, or you can apply for the one year Pavement Cafe Licence again.


How long the consent lasts

The consent lasts until 31 December 2021.


There is no cost for this consent.


Conditions of the Pavement Cafe Scheme

Businesses must operate the pavement cafe in accordance with the following conditions:

Operating the service

  • core hours hours between 10am to 9pm (outside of these hours by consent only)
  • have a plan in place to manage and restrict attendance
  • have a plan in place to manage circulation in and around premises
  • operate table service where possible
  • collect all details of people who attend the premises

Set up of outside area

  • keep within the shop frontage (use of other land or area with consent only)
  • provide pedestrian barriers with a lower tap-rail (to guide blind or partially sighted)
  • have enough space to set out tables and chairs  - must leave a minimum of 1300mm for pedestrians
  • have provision for smoking and non-smoking areas
  • no music, live broadcasts or sports commentary 
  • no barbecues, fire pits or naked flames
  • control / clear litter and debris in immediate area
  • remove all tables and chairs from the outside area within 30 minutes of maximum operating hours


  • comply with Government guidance on social distancing
  • comply with Government guidance on PPE
  • have undertaken appropriate risk assessments 

If you wish to supply alcohol in the pavement cafe area

If you hold a premises licence, we check existing conditions when assessing applications.

If you do not hold a premises licence we will contact you after application to advise on applying for a premises licence.


How to apply

You must apply online. You can upload your proposed layout plan as part of the process.

You'll need to confirm you have:

  • public liability insurance of at least £2 million
  • conducted appropriate risk assessments

Contact Pavement Cafe Scheme

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