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The Reception Suite of the Town Hall

Leading out of the Grand Corridor are four entrances into the Reception Suite.

A feature is the oak-panelled dividing screens which can be raised to form one long suite running the entire length of the building, or lowered to form three separate rooms.

The furniture is upholstered with dark crimson, with the Arms of Sheffield on the backs of the chairs. The curtains are also of dark crimson with the borders worked in gold.

Over the small arches in the panelling along the sides of the rooms are carved the monograms of the Mayors who held office during the period of the building's construction.

The dominant feature at the north end of the Reception Suite is the large oak-framed mirror which supports the ornately carved oak balustrade of the Minstrels Gallery.

The mirror also forms a screen across the access to the serving room and kitchens that are behind.

The centre room overlooks Pinstone Street, and contains the small door designed in the wooden panelling, which leads to the outside balcony over the main entrance. This room was re-named the Mandela Room after the former South African President, Nelson Mandela.

The screen at the south end is kept permanently lowered as the south section of the suite is now the Lord Mayor's Parlour.

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