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Exterior of the Town Hall

The principal frontage of the Town Hall faces on to Pinstone Street. The exterior walls are built with "Stoke" Stone obtained from the Stoke Hall Quarry near Grindleford, Derbyshire. This stone is used in the interior of the building intermingled with Ancaster and Coxbench Stone.

The tower is 64 metres high. On the top stands a 2m 13cms high figure of Vulcan, the mythical God of Fire. The four clock dials in the tower are 2.5 metres in diameter.

Immediately over the main entrance the City Coat of Arms is engraved. Above is a Statue of Queen Victoria, and the Royal Coat of Arms.

Supporting the City Coat of Arms are the gods, Thor and Vulcan. The principal arch of the entrance is decorated with two figures, symbolising Electricity and Steam, holding a scroll bearing the names of the inventors - Watt, Stephenson, Wheatstone, Davy, Faraday, Edison, Swan.

The sculptured frieze represents Sheffield industries. It is divided into two parts, each 11 metres long, the same width as the Parthenon. On the right-hand side a female figure carries a cornucopia, (a horn of plenty) the reward of labour. Smiths, hammermen, grinders, smelters and miners are also depicted at work.

On the left side another female figure bears a flaming torch, (symbolising light and knowledge).

In attendance are architects, sculptors, painters and workers in the precious metals, also female workers in electroplating, buffing and finishing.

The group of figures next to these represent ivory turners and knife-hafters. This front also contains the Arms of the City of York and of the Cutlers' Company of Hallamshire.

The Surrey Street entrance is also surmounted by the City Coat of Arms and in two niches stand figures representing Peace and War.

On the entrances from Cheney Row a Statue of Justice is placed just above the Council Chamber windows.

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