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Woolley Woods - Ancient Bluebell Wood

Woolley Wood is a 34 hectare Local Nature Reserve (LNR), situated approximately 5km north east of Sheffield city centre in Shiregreen and Wincobank.

It occupies a series of terraced slopes on the south-western side of Blackburn Brook Valley, and is well known for its attractive display of bluebells and other wild flowers each spring.


Wildlife and heritage features

Woolley Wood is designated as a Local Nature Reserve and is of city-wide value for nature conservation, supporting several UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species, for example, Noctule Bat, Pipistrelle Bat, Song Thrush and Hawfinch, with important habitats such as wet woodland and botanically rich wet flushes.

The woodland, first documented in 1597 as ‘Woollywoodside’, has a rich history demonstrated by a series of archaeological sites within the wood, including old track ways, charcoal burning sites and mineral prospection pits.

The woodland was managed on a system of coppice with standards from the 16th century until the latter part of the 19th century, whereupon a system of ‘high forest’ was introduced, along with plantings of beech and hornbeam.


Visitor Information


There are approximately 3.4km of dedicated public rights of way (footpaths and bridleways) within the woodland, including surfaced and unsurfaced footpaths.

In addition the Trans Pennine Trail runs through the centre of the woodland for 2.2km and has been upgraded to allow for wheelchair access.


A downloadable map showing the location of Woolley Wood and other key parks and green spaces in Sheffield is available.

Visitor Guide

A visitors guide is available to download below.

Car Parking

Car parking is available at either end of the woodland. The first car park is located at the end of Concord Road, next to Concord Park, the second is off Ecclesfield Road, Lower Wincobank.


Site development

Since 2000, the woodlands have benefited from a range of site improvements, and a related education and interpretation programme, funded as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project called 'Fuelling the Revolution' within the South Yorkshire Forest Area.

The Heritage Woods website has further detailed information on the history of Woolley Woods and downloadable packs covering educational activities within the woodland.

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