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South East Sheffield woodlands

Woodlands in South East Sheffield include:


Education, events and activities

A major part of the work involves providing opportunities for local people to access the woodlands, learn about their local environment and enjoy the open spaces available.

This includes supporting regular school visits, working with a variety of different community groups and running a wide range of public events throughout the year.


Woodland management

All 5 woodland sites have current Management Plans, which are being used to guide maintenance and improvement work.

Part of the work to be carried out in the woodlands is tree thinning.  Many of the woods were planted within the last 50 years and have tall, thin, tightly packed trees that are blocking the light.

Thinning allows the stronger trees to develop, allows new saplings to grow and lets more light through to encourage more woodland plants to move in.

Other work includes general maintenance, improving paths, signage and other facilities for users.


Nature conservation

Part of the management planning process and subsequent management is closely linked to what species are present, what we wish to preserve and what we would like to encourage in the future.

Plant and animal records and changes are monitored.


Contact us

Anyone wishing to organise visits, report problems or send in ecological records should contact us.

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