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About the Ranger Service

We aim to help individuals and communities to get the most out of their open spaces. Our services include; provision of information and advice, opportunities to volunteer and basic training in practical skills through to fundraising and working in partnership on specific projects.

We work with many local conservation and ‘friends of’ groups throughout Sheffield with the collective aim of improving our environment.

If you would like to find out about environmental volunteering opportunities contact the Ranger Service.


Women only walks

Our aim is to encourage women who are admittedly apprehensive or even afraid to walk alone to join in, with other like-minded women, at their own pace in a safe, friendly environment.

The walks encourage healthy exercise and companionship, which helps broaden social circles and boost confidence. These walks and other activities are a great opportunity to see and enjoy the local countryside or simply to get away from the domestic environment.


Health projects

The health projects team works to encourage more local people to be more active more often, with a view to improving health, well-being and quality of life.

The team utilise Sheffield’s green and open spaces to deliver a programme of city-wide health walks.

The ‘Growing Together’ allotment project promotes the use and development of allotment sites across the city as a valuable and sustainable community resource.

The Hillsborough Park and Walled Garden project supports volunteers, work placements and school visits whilst also hosting a range of events and activities.


Education and interpretation

Rangers organise environmental education activities for schools, families and local groups throughout Sheffield.

National Curriculum-based sessions for schools are complemented by interpretive events suitable for all and life-long learning for adults.

These range from bird and bat box building, pond dipping, countryside craft events, environmental games and interpretation activities aimed at developing a greater understanding of and respect for the natural world.


Guardians of green space

Rangers assist in providing a uniformed, reassuring presence in the city’s green spaces and a friendly first point of contact with park users.

The city’s open spaces are regularly monitored by the Rangers with the aim of making Sheffield a cleaner, greener, safer place for both residents and visitors.

Rangers have a good local knowledge and can provide a wealth of information on sites to visit in their area.



By providing a key role in the management and use of Sheffield’s green spaces the Rangers are involved in ensuring the sustainability of Sheffield’s fine natural heritage.

The Ranger Service works towards improving biodiversity in accordance with Sheffield’s Biodiversity Acton Plans.

We actively participate in improving scarce and threatened habitats across the city. Many of these habitats are designated as Local Nature Reserves as an indication of their high wildlife value. Examples include:

  • restoring the Lowland Heath at Loxley and Wadsley Common

  • managing the wetlands at Blackburn Meadows

  • maintaining ancient meadows in the Shire Brook and Gleadless Valleys


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