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Winter Fun Tips

Top Tips for Winter Fun in Sheffield's Parks

Sheffield's Parks and Open Spaces are great places to enjoy the snow and have some family fun.  Please follow the guidelines below or download the leaflet at the bottom of the page.


  • Only go sledging in daylight
  • Only use a purpose made sledge, not a polythene sheet, inflatable or other substitute
  • Wear suitable clothing - skateboard helmets and pads double up well for tobogganing
  • Never travel head first, always control your direction and speed

Choosing a Site and Taking Care

  • Never walk, skate or ski on a frozen pond or lake - snow can mask thin ice
  • Never sledge near roads, pavements or near water, whether frozen or not
  • Avoid excessively steep areas - choose a safe place to sledge with deep snow and without obstructions such as walls, fences, trees etc
  • Make sure you have plenty of room at the end of the run to slow down and stop
  • Walk back up the slope away from others who are sledging
  • Take care to avoid pedestrians and dogs
  • We would encourage young children to be supervised at all times
  • When out playing always let someone know where you are and when you will return

........... and most of all!

Have fun!

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