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Millhouses Park

Millhouses Park is located approximately 3 miles south-west of Sheffield city centre on Abbeydale Road South and covers 13 hectares.

Part of the park was gifted by Earl Fitzwilliam and Marquis of Zetland in 1909, the remainder purchased by ourselves.

Special designations

  • City Park

  • Green Flag Award winner

Splash! Water Play

Play area

The Splash! is located on the site of the old swimming pool and lido.  It is an interactive play area and includes an Archimedes screw, hand pumps and see saws that pump water into a large snaking channel, where it can be dammed in several places before being scooped by a water wheel and fed into a recycling tank.

The water then feeds the toilets, can be used to water plants and tops up the boating lake.

Fish pass

Fish Pass was created to encourage wildlife along the River Sheaf.  This replaced the former paddling pools.

The Fishway project will allow fish like trout to by-pass the 2 weirs on the River Sheaf and move upstream to spawn.

Soft landscaping of the area around the fishway was carried out with BTCV and members of the Friends of Millhouses Park.  The Friends Group were also involved in the planting of trees in the Splash! area.

Facilities and features

  • Splash! Water Play

  • Boating lake*

  • Café

  • Children's playground

  • Skate park

  • Outdoor events

  • Outdoor sports: Bowling Greens*, Cricket*, Tennis,*

  • Floral features

  • Riverside walk

  • Woodlands

  • Car parking*

  • Public toilets

* some facilities are subject to seasonal opening and charges may apply.

Opening times

The park is open daily from dawn to dusk.

Visitor information

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