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Local Nature Reserves

Sheffield boasts 17 Local Nature Reserves following approval by Natural England:


Area covered

These cover a total of 650 hectares (over 1,600 acres) and include a wealth of nationally scarce habitats including ancient woodland, unimproved grassland, and heathland, as well as old millponds, and other “urban” habitats like those found at the General Cemetery and Sunnybank.



Local Nature Reserves provide homes for increasingly threatened wildlife like Bats, and Song Thrush, to less rare but elusive species like Kingfisher. Even better, all the sites are accessible to visitors through public rights of way or other informal routes.



Declaration as a Local Nature Reserve gives all sites added protection from development.

It also strengthens us and our partner’s commitment to manage the sites for the long-term benefit of the wildlife, visitors and local people, and encourage their use for education.

Many of the sites are managed by partner organisations:

At all the sites, working alongside our partners we are striving to improve access for the local community and visitors through:

  • better site signage
  • leaflets and site-based information
  • gradual improvements to paths
  • better way marking
  • annual programme of events and activities open to the public
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