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Discount Leisure Card

From 1 November 2016, an expired Slice Card will not be renewed and no new Slice Cards will be issued. From 1 November 2016, you have the option (subject to your eligibility) to replace the Slice Card with a new LifeCard Plus or Sheffield Saver Plus card at any of the venues listed below.

SIV venues selling the LifeCard Plus card

  • Concord Sports Centre
  • EIS Sheffield
  • Heeley Pool and Gym
  • Hillsborough Leisure Centre
  • iceSheffield
  • Ponds Forge International Sports Centre
  • Springs Leisure Centre
  • Westfield Sports Centre
  • Beauchief Golf Course
  • Birley Wood Golf Course
  • Tinsley Park Golf Course
  • Tapton Golf Course
  • Sinfin Golf Course

Places for People venues selling the Sheffield Saver Plus card

  • Graves Health and Sports Centre
  • Thorncliffe Leisure Centre
  • Wisewood Sports Centre

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