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Activity Sheffield - our health and wellbeing service

About Activity Sheffield

We have a small team with a named officer for each of the Local Area Partnership (LAP) areas.

Part of their role is to help communities achieve what is important to them, in their community in relation to health and physical active.

They can also offer impartial and professional advice and insight.

Your local team member.

Please feel free to pass these details on to those who you think might need our help.


What we do

Invest in the most deprived communities; supporting individuals and communities to help themselves and each other, so the changes they make are resilient and long lasting

Directly contribute to early health prevention and improvement

Help Sheffield’s communities to become more active, happier and healthier.


Where we work

We continue to work with people in Sheffield who need us the most. We will continue to focus the majority of our resource in the most deprived communities.


We can help with

  • Supporting individuals and groups to help themselves
  • Helping groups request funding
  • Parks activities
  • Health and Wellbeing Roadshows
  • Park Runs
  • Training programmes
  • Supporting University volunteers
  • Street Play
  • People Keeping Well
  • Setting up groups with a shared goal
  • Time Banks
  • Additional projects

 How we can help you.


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